What Is Your Drama-Free Leader Score?

Answer the questions honestly using the following scale:
(0-never 1-hardly ever 2-sometimes 3-frequently 4-always)
After answering all the questions, tally your total points.
Compare your score with the chart below.
(Remember, the more sincerely honest your responses, the more sincerely useful the results.)

1.Do you say negative things at work about your company, associates, or clients?
2.Do you dread working with certain employees?
3.Do you avoid individuals at work because they drain your energy?
4.Do you think that most of your employees and/or bosses are clueless?
5.Do you feel like you are not fully utilizing your gifts and talents in your current position?
6.Do you feel as if you are a highly paid babysitter or as if you have to “hold people’s hands” too much?
7. Do you wish you could win the lottery so you wouldn’t have to manage people anymore?
8. Do you think it is a dog-eat-dog world?
9.Do you feel like managing people is not worth all the trouble it takes?
10.Do you think it’s just easier to do things yourself rather than trust someone else to do it right?
11.Do you feel like your boss, employees, or clients don’t fully appreciate you?
12.Do you lose your temper at work?
13.Have you said things at work that you wish you could take back?
14.Do you go home at the end of your work day feeling drained?
15.Do your associates appear bored or cynical during meetings or when you are talking?
16.Do your associates complain and whine about problems?
17.Do you roll your eyes or sigh when you think about certain associates?
18.Do you complain about work, your employees, or your company to your family or friends?


0-9     Wear a New Name Tag: Drama-Free Me!
9-18   You Are on YourWay to Drama-Free
19-36 Uh Oh, Someone Has Turned over Control
36-54 You May Be the Cause of Drama Overload in the Workplace
55-72  Wear a New Name Tag: Drama King (Queen)

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