Vision and Ventures

I have often referred to myself as a passionate and practical visionary. My vision being to...
Use my motivational, creative, and organizational gifts to help people connect with each other and make a positive impact upon the world.

Recently, I shortened it to:
Give hope to the hopeless.

Maybe because I spent many years feeling hopeless myself, I have spent a lot of time promoting ideas that can help bring hope to others. Here are a few of those ideas:

Community Connection Car

Mission: To create an innovative educational and motivational forum on public transportation for the presentation of vital information to those who, otherwise would not have ready access to, or awareness of, available community opportunities.

Concept: Community partners and motivational speakers will provide vital information about services and help through short, lively presentations on a dedicated Dart Rail car during high-traffic hours.

History:While riding the rail back to work after a very educational Rotary meeting, I looked around on the train and noticed many who would have benefited by hearing the speaker from a local college. I’m sure the business men and women who attended the meeting also benefited, but maybe not as much as those sitting around me would have. One of the most tragic things about life is that of resources being available but unknown or “out of reach” to those who need them the most.

I have presented the idea to the City of Dallas. City Manager, A.C. Gonzales is very supportive but, because of legalities with federal funding, DART has been reluctant.
Stay tuned for progress. New meetings coming up.

I-Did-It-I-Admit-It Day

A proposal I am presenting to municipalities and media for an annual celebration of a “no-questions-asked-clear-your-conscience day.” The purpose of the event is to eat humble pie together so that we all sleep better at night and get rid of bad consciences.

The Drama-Free Handbook

Coming soon: A new series of books dedicated to helping others live and work drama-free.


The Bottom Line
A film about loneliness in the business world that I self-produced in 2002. The film was in festivals and won two awards but never was distributed because of sound issues in the film. I have plans to re-produce it in the future.

Baggage Claim

A romantic comedy dealing with caring for aging (and annoying parents) while getting back into the dating scene.

A high-concept romantic comedy based on the shenanigans of my unusual mother as noted in the following obituary:

Dorothy Viola Southern, formerly of North Little Rock passed away in Colorado Springs on July 9, 2009. Her children are glad that she died peacefully and not in a shoot-out. Undoubtedly, she was quite a character, feisty, passionate, out-spoken and known for many shenanigans in her 83 years. In spite of her (at least) nine marriages and mostly turbulent life, Mom was a dedicated and conscientious mother to her five children.

Born in Levy to Sylvia and Chester Thorn on February 11, 1926, she married at the age of 13, had two children by the age of 16, was a jack of all trades, and lived in12 states before she died. She was most proud of her career modeling shoes with her tiny little size-4 foot.

Her children have never ceased to marvel at her tenacity, work ethic, ingenuity, and sense of humor that she kept through it all. (Unfortunately she never learned the art of contentment or anger management which she desperately needed. But, understandably, she got off to a rocky start and really never had a fair chance.)

She sincerely delighted in (well, except sometimes when she was living near them) her eleven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren (who are only familiar with the urban legend of their crazy grandmother). Many nieces and nephews live in the Little Rock area, and who sometimes remember her fondly as their unusual and unpredictable Aunt Dorothy.

Almost to the end she was still making people laugh, cussing people out, and looking for the perfect husband.