New Book for Employees - Rescripting the Workplacemanagement book

If you are an employee, this book is for you if you have ever...

  • dreaded going to work
  • dreaded working with certain people
  • felt as if your boss wasn't listening to you
  • felt trapped in a dead-end job
  • been discouraged about your workload
  • been overlooked for a promotion
  • been frustrated with politics or lack of communication

If you are a manager...

"This book is full of simple, common sense prescriptions for team members to take control of their professional lives. Furnishing it to employees will underscore a company's commitment to personal and professional development." -Michele Rowan, President and CEO - Customer Contact Strategies

E-book link $3.99

Paperback link $16.15

first-time managemer book

The Essential Handbook for First Time Managers

A practical guide for managers at all levels, full of honest confessions about what works and what doesn't work.

Two Minute Tuneup

"Super-inspiring. Pam Draws on a wide range of references and life experience to deliver daily insights to get us in the right frame of mind. We could all do with a two-minute tune up every day, and this book provides it!"

-Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Self-Help Classics and Never Too Late to Be Great

The Miracle I Almost Missed

Getting Out of the Relationship Maze and into Romantic Fulfillment

"A fast, entertaining and solution-based read for anyone who longs for successful and fulfilling romance without the drama, The Miracle I Almost Missed is your first step to new hope!"

New Book Coming soon:

Drama-Free Talent Development