“I enjoyed your course in Las Vegas very much and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy of The Essential Handbook for First-Time Managers and Supervisors. It is time to get the chip off my shoulder!”

Justin Sparks

“I want to thank you for a very worthwhile presentation at the Walman University in Bloomington. I was present last year and found it to be very good. This year was even better. You are a very good speaker and you obviously put a lot of time into researching and developing your material. I am very frugal with my time and praise and you have more than earned both. The highest accolades should be given to Walman for choosing you..”

Bob McBeath, Edina Eye Physicians and Surgeons

“I have to say I have already started to implement some of the things you ran through at the seminar.
I have adjusted the weekly team meeting I hold to place greater focus on team members doing the work and started to delegate,
coach and support more.The effect on my inbox has been profound.”

James W.
Commercial and Operational Risk Manager
South Hampton, UK

“I enjoyed the course immensely, I felt like a light had been turned on.
I only wish I had had this training fifteen years ago before I started managing multiple sites!”

Susan M.
Queensland, AU

“Your presentation was very good and your anecdotes were excellent!
I look forward to putting the many models and ideas into action.”

Daniel V.
Managing Director
Queensland, Australia

“I very much enjoyed the training and got a lot of good, practical tips to move our team forward.
Thank you for your passion and commitment.”

Christine L.
Baltimore, Maryland

“The seminar was the best I have attended in my career!
Thank you very much for making me a better supervisor.”

Besharah N.
Westminster, Colorado

“I really enjoyed the seminar and the energy you brought to the topic.
Your clear passion for the subject of coaching and motivating people to their best success really made the class.
I took away a renewed energy for my own leadership as well as some great ideas on how to practice it more effectively.”

Michael P.
General Manager
Knoxville Tennessee

“Your presentation was very meaningful to our organization on many levels.
We have already implemented many of the strategies you suggested and look forward to working with you more in the future!”

Lauren P.
Vice President
Dallas, TX

“Pam Boyd's management consulting and workshops have been invaluable to our company.
I can't thank Pam enough for the tangible contribution she has made to our leadership team!”

Barb Claussen, CEO
NFJ Investment Group,

“I recently purchased The Essential Handbook for First-Time Managers and Supervisors for each of my 19 general managers.
Now, I am giving one to every manager working for me. Pam's insights are filling in the gaps of our training program, (which is already quite extensive) and making a difference for our entire organization.”

Paul Vinyard, Owner
Rovin, Inc. Dallas

“If you would like a gem of a book that is jam packed with, what I call,
"the exact right words, at the exact right time," then the Two Minute Tune-Up, by Pam Boyd is beyond perfect.
I love being able to open ANY page and know that in two minutes or less,
I will get the precise guidance that I need - in that very moment. This book may well become my new best friend.”

Linda Larsen, CSP - Positively Speaking!
Motivational Speaker & author of the critically acclaimed book,True Power,
the riveting and true story of Linda's abduction at gunpoint by an escaped convict.Plus the best-selling CD series,
12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem (over 100,000 copies sold)

“Your book was direct and on point. Good for new AND experienced leaders. I loved it!”

Tony Hartl, Entrepreneur, Author, and founder of PLANET TAN

“I would like to convey to the author, Pam Boyd, a giant "Thank You" for writing a most excellent book, The Essential Handbook for First-Time Managers and Supervisors. I am quite will help me motivate and inspire my Quality Assurance team members and serve as a resource in the years ahead.”

Lisa Van Brussel

Partial Client List

Headmasters (UK)
Texas Health Resources
Ballantine Communications
Rovin, Inc.
Sonny Bryan’s Barbecue
CDI Furnishings (Canada)
The Vision Council
Walman Optical
Denbury Resources
Contact Crisis Line
SkillPath Seminars
Durango Silverton Railroad
American Pet Products Association
US Naval Reserve
Community Introductions
City of Irving Convention Center
CNC Home Care
Vision Expo NY and Las Vegas
Prima Eye Group
Southern Ute Growth Fund
United Pipelines
StoneAge Tools
Open Sky Wilderness Therapy
Colleyville Vision Clinic
Crossfire Oil and Natural Gas Construction Contractor
Dallas County Community College District
Executive Education Forum
Williams and Connolly LLP
United Mine Workers Health and Retirement Fund
Primrose Schools
Icenhower Oil and Gas
Best Thai Restaurants
Colorado Rural Electric Association
PhysAssist Scribes
Dallas County Tax Assessor
University of Central Oklahoma Educators Leadership Academy

Endorsements specific to Bernie Beck

“Bernie Beck has been a coach in our business since Feb 2015. We have found him to be brilliant at motivating, guiding and coaching our leadership team. His diplomacy, vision and knowledge are a huge asset to us. As a result, we are seeing huge increases in sales and profits. It is a privilege to work with Bernie.”

Johnny Hornsey, ABC Sheds, Young, New South Wales, AUS

“Attending a business consultation with Bernie was a fantastic experience and extremely worthwhile. Bernie is positive, enjoyable company, and his recommendations and training provided were exactly what was required. He is highly commended!”

Phil Davis, Precision Accounting, Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie, is a proven Business coach. He has excellent skills in developing mainstream business and strategy. Comprehensive knowledge in all areas. Bernie gets things done.”

Selwyn Hester, Leeton, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie continues to keep us on track as follows;

  • Guiding our financial reporting requirements
  • Helping manage and stabilize our cost base, particularly COG's, to turn around project profitability, providing 'outside the business' insights as to where the leakage is coming from
  • Assisting us to put in place well thought out strategies to turn our net profit around from an unsustainable position
  • Guiding in making critical decisions in relation to staffing
  • Giving us someone close enough to the business, from a Board level, that is not part of the family, who the staff trust and take direction and mentoring from
  • Mentored the establishment and training of a leadership team, to alleviate pressure and time from the owners
  • Providing the means for the Board to step a level up above the operational day to day of the business to brainstorm, test, prioritise and implement critical business strategy and future succession planning
  • Tightening up loose processes and procedures
  • Giving the Board someone to be genuinely accountable to
  • Stopping us from making hasty strategic decision that may not be needed in the short term and could be costly to the business…helping us to focus on what really matters
  • Bringing clarity to our 1, 3 and 5 year plans, and continually testing them to see if they hold true

“A lot of things we do with Bernie we would struggle to focus on, and putting aside the time to do, if he was not a part of our team. Probably one of the most valuable assets we have made this year.”

Ian J, Fleetwood Urban, Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie, I personally would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your leadership, passion, committal and determination to move AMS and Allegro forward in 2017. Helping us to turn obstacles into opportunities... It is very much appreciated, and we wouldn't be where we are without you. A big 'THANK YOU.' We are very much looking forward to your return in 2018.”

Stephen P., Active Mobility Services, Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie is helping to set up and implement process and procedures and building a winning culture. He is coaching the management team, teaching them management essentials as well as how to get the most out of the team and staff members. With Bernie's coaching I am confident we will achieve our revenue targets and company BHAG.”

Jacob Crutcher, CW Systems, Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie continues to coach our team to excellence across all areas of business. He has very good people skills particularly in getting people to overcome their doubts and/or hang ups and move forward with the team for the good of the company. He believes in our Business and continues to assist us to grow in revenue, profitability, development of staff and culture.”

Andrew D, Maxim Office Supplies, Leeton, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie is proactive and follows up well. He pinpoints blockages and effectively strategizes. Bernie has done an awesome job in taking us to the next level over 2017.”

Darren M, JWL Marketing, Tamworth, New South Wales, AUS

“Not just telling us, but Bernie is assisting and working with staff to get results.”

Garth R, Robertson Walls & Ceilings, Vancouver, B.C. CAN

“A fantastic session - made a lot of ground in getting the right people in the right seats - not something that is always easy to do, when it is family or friends, but an external consultant can do it. Also moving forward on individual sales KPIs etc, something we have struggled with.”

Terry P, Foodcare Systems, Leeton, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie is doing a great job of keeping us from becoming distracted! Whenever we head off on a tangent he is popping up to pull us back onto the tasks & goals committed to.”

Russell F, Rapid Spray, Singleton, New South Wales, AUS

“The coach has a thorough understanding of the business and has been great keeping us accountable. The biggest benefit I have found is we are more willing to take calculated risks to improve the business because of the thorough analysis that is being conducted. Bernie has set some high expectations for the sales team which they have individually agreed on, these stretch targets are putting pressure on other departments to step up the pace to ensure overall success. There is a real buzz about the place.”

Lloyd D, Maxim Office Supplies, Leeton, New South Wales, AUS

“I am very pleased with Bernie & the professional way he presents himself. He treats our business with much interest & care. Staff now know we are serious about business development & they themselves feel accountable.”

Wes R, PME, Young, New South Wales, AUS

“Bernie is a very dynamic, caring leader. He is extremely intuitive with an in-depth back ground in business analytics and leadership. His ability to assess, construct strategy and influence change is well documented in his career, having led several organizations to great success. The relationships he fosters are sincere and lifelong. He is passionate about people and connects on a level that brings out the very best from those around him. With excellent communication skills at C level or line level, he shares the vision and brings it to life with results that surpass even the highest of expectations.”

Mike Rannells, Greenville, S.C.

Partial Client List

PhysAssist Scribes
Spanish Schoolhouse
Denbury Resources
Red River Army Depot
Shelby County Schools
National Oilwell Varco
Kingspan Insulated Panels
Pratt Industries
CR Bard
Ludlum Measurements
Rutherford Wine Company
XTO Energy
Friedkin/Gulf States Toyota
Kelly-Moore Paints
Gensuite LLC
Whole Earth Provisions
F&M Bank
Sheppard AFB
Department of Homeland Security (Denton)

Universal Business Team (UBT)
Australia Energy Management Commission
ABC Sheds
Tyre Doctor
Monitor Lifts
Fleetwood Urban
Allmach Piping Systems
Active Mobility Systems
Pediatric Mobility Equipment
Rapid Spray
JWL Marketing
Maxim Office Supplies
Foodcare Systems
C W Systems
Swift Metal Systems

Robertson Walls & Ceilings
Softline Solutions
Premium Fence